Custom LED

Custom LED

We provide custom service for LED products. 

We protect customer's property .

  • Custom LED display

Special display panel for home-appliance, industry display.

Customer provide us the diagram and internal circuit, and we design the pcb layout after customer place the order

1st samples will be ready in 50days, and usually 1st production need longer time, usually it takes 35-40days, after that , the normal delivery time will be 25-35days Tooling charge is needed before get first samples, and charge is connected with custom display size and complex.

  • Custom LED diode

Betlux can provide you LED with special requirement at LED wavelength , internal circuit. and appearance.

  • Custom LED lighting and strip.

we can design pcb layout for special requirement at LED lighting and strip, arrange different LEDs or other function as per your request.

 custom-led-diode-display-lighting-from betlux