Quality control


ISO 9001:2008
RoHs 3.0
rohs 2.0

Betlux insist on supply quality service and product to customer always.

We control quality from following 6 point (man, machine, material, method, Measurement, Enviroment):
a) Man:
b) machine:
c) Material:
d) method:
e) Measurement:
f) Environment

1, Man
(1) strengthen the "quality first, customers first" the sense of quality education, establish and improve the quality and accountability;
(2) write clear detailed operational processes and strengthen the process of professional training;
(3) strengthen the inspection, and increase inspection frequency;

2, Machine
(1) strengthen equipment maintenance , periodic testing equipment accuracy and performance of key parts;
(2) the use of the first article inspection, verification or quantitative adjustment positioning device;
(3) automatically displayed and automatic recording devices

 3, Material
(1) raw material procurement contract clearly specified quality requirements;
(2) strengthen the processes incoming inspection ;
(3) reasonable choice of vendors

4, Method
(1) ensure the accuracy of the positioning device, strict first-article inspection;
(2) strengthen technical professional training;
(3) serious disciplinary process of implementing procedures for inspection and supervision.
(4) strengthening management tool and measuring instruments

5, Measurement
(1) determine the measurement task and the accuracy required, choose to use, with the required accuracy and precision test equipment capability.
(2) on a regular basis for all measuring and test equipment to confirm the calibration and adjustment.
(3) provide for the necessary calibration procedures. Its contents include device type, number, location, calibration cycle, calibration methods, inspection methods, acceptance criteria and the measures taken should problems occur.
(4) Save the calibration records.

 6, Enviroment
generally refers to the production site of the temperature, humidity, noise, vibration, light, and on-site purification of indoor pollution degree. Ensure that products on the special requirements of the environmental conditions.